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Generate A Treasure-Trove Of Leads, Sales, and New Team Members In Just 5 Days

Never struggle with selling or recruiting ever again, without having to use Facebook, leave home, or bug friends and family

Let's Face It: Facebook Parties Don't Work Like They Used To

There just HAS to be something better!

Facebook has declared war on direct sellers and network marketers. They're actively removing perfectly good, harmless, and even helpful content that network marketers post (including ours!), and throwing them in Facebook Jail.

Facebook parties as well just don't get results like they used to. It's harder and harder to get hostesses because they don't want to feel like they're bugging their friends and family. Additionally, it's getting increasingly difficult to get guests to actually show up and take action during parties.

It's especially frustrating when you've invested so much time, and even money on buying inventory, only to not even recoup your investment.

Meanwhile, you have family and friends breathing down your neck asking when you're going to quit, and you have your own voice in the back of your head telling you you're wasting time.

There has to be a better way to generate sales and new team members that doesn't involve Facebook, leaving home, or bugging friends and family.

Well I'm here to tell you there is! And you can generate a treasure trove of sales and new team members online, without even using social media at all. 

All I used was email! And I sent one email a day for five days to my party guests.

Introducing The 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt

I stumbled across a BRAND NEW way to run a party: through email! Using this undiscovered strategy, I was able to generate 124 new leads, 24 new customers, 2 new hostesses, $1,570.38 in sales, and 3 people interested in joining my team (one of which has already signed up!). And this all happened in JUST my first TWO email party attempts! Now I want to teach you this strategy, and give you all the email scripts I used to get these results!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up, you'll get my entire 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt formula, including every single email I sent to my hostess and party guests so you won't ever have to guess what you should say.

My Exact Step-By-Step Formula

Every single step I followed is detailed in this course so you'll never have to wonder how to do anything, or what comes next.

Copy & Paste Scripts For Each Step

Not only do I cover each step you need to take to be successful, but I also provide done-for-you email scripts that you can simply copy, paste, and personalize.

Downloadable Checklists

Make things even more simple, I've created handy checklists for you and your hostesses so no one ever has to wonder what's next.

Ongoing Support & Updates

Like I said, this is still a brand new strategy that I'm still experimenting with, so everything I learn I will continually add to this course.

Here’s what people are saying about Email Treasure Hunts...

Even though this strategy is brand new, we've had a few pilot users implement the Email Treasure Hunt, and here are the results they've gotten:

Laurie Young


It works!

I just got my first sale from my email party ($55) and I know more are coming from that!

Sue Ellen Hale


No more hostesses backing out!

I had a home party scheduled for tonight. The hostess picked the date. When I met with her in person to give her Hostess packet she wondered why we were having it on that date, on a Thursday. So she rescheduled it to a Saturday. Today she texted me that she would not be able to do it on Saturday. Now she's doing a 5-day email treasure hunt, starting on Monday! As long as she sends people the opt-in information, there's no backing out of that one!

Myra Limbaugh


Surpassed the $500 mark!

Just some quick stats to get started: 36 opted in, 25 actively participated and 22 [completed the tasks in every email]. My friend's [email treasure hunt] surpassed the $500 Mark with $360 of that coming directly from the hunt. ?

Here's What's In The Course

This is your map to the email treasure!


Module 1: Outfitting

Ahoy! This is where we get your "ship" outfitted for your treasure hunting voyage! You'll learn how to find a hostess for your email party, how to ensure that her guests LOVE your products, and how to get all the technical stuff set up (you don't have to be a techie!).


Module 2: Setting Sail

This is where you weigh anchor and actually run your email party/"treasure hunt". Each day for 5 days you'll send one email to your party guests (or treasure hunters as I call them because they are looking for treasure too!). This module explains what you want to include in each email, and the secret to getting people not only opening your emails, but looking forward to them! If that wasn't enough, I'll give you email scripts that you can copy and paste! Shiver me timbers! The less diggin' I have to do to get me buried treasure the better I always say!


Module 3: Claiming The Treasure

If you followed the first two steps, then you already have sales at this point! Whoo hoo! In this third and final module, you'll learn how to really make the most out of your treasure hunts so that you get new hostesses, loyal life-long customers, and even people ASKING to join your team! Blimey! If that doesn't blow the man down I don't know what does!

You'll learn a no-pressure and fun way to sell that is easy on you, and easy on your hostesses!


You're Gonna Love These!

As if the base course wasn't enough, I also wanted to offer you some awesome bonuses (because who doesn't love bonuses?). I can only guarantee these bonuses being available during this launch week. After the doors close, I can't promise these bonuses will ever return.

Bonus 1
Google Forms Tutorial

We'll walk you through how you can use Google forms for your treasure hunts!

Google forms is a free tool that you can use to give your potential guests the option to opt-in to your treasure hunt. 

This way, you're ONLY email the people who WANT to receive your emails!

$97 Value
Bonus 2
Advanced Treasure Hunting

This is a bonus training on how to take your treasure hunting to the next level. 

This is for treasure hunters who have their own website and email service provider. 

You certainly don't NEED these things to have a successful treasure hunt, but if you're wanting to take things up a notch, this can help.

$27 Value

Get it today for: $197

Who is Paula Ramm, and How Does She Know About This Stuff?

Paula is a homeschooling mom of 7 and grandma of 3, living in the sunny state of Florida where she enjoys growing pineapple and coconuts.

She's been in direct sales since 2010 and has been blessed with a multi-million dollar revenue-generating team of over 7,000 amazing consultants.

You Need This Course If...

You're tired of struggling to generate sales or sign up new team members. Right now, I'm generating $785 per email treasure hunt, and a new team member every other one I do.

What difference would it make in your business if you could have these numbers coming in consistently? 

If you ran JUST two 5-Day Email Treasure Hunts a month, that's $1,570 and one new team member every month!

But, let's be conservative...

What if for some reason you only do half as well as I and other students are doing, but you still commit to this strategy for the next, say, 6 months...

You would have generated:

  • $4,710 in sales
  • 3 new team members

Now, I'm not promising you that, conservatively, these will be your results after 6 months if you commit to this strategy. I'm just showing you what's possible. Your results could be better or worse, but what is certain is that this course gives you a proven strategy that if you commit to...

Will enable you to consistently generate leads and sales.

Do NOT Get This Course If...

You're Looking To Get Rich Quick

This strategy will take some practice and experimentation. Granted, the first two email treasure hunts I ran were giant successes, but I am still learning, adjusting, and experimenting as well!

You will need to do the same to get the best results!

You Have A Choice To Make...

Don't Get This Course

You can choose to not get this course and keep doing what you're currently doing, but where will your business be 3, 6, or 12 months from now?

Do you see yourself being in a better place than you are now with your business? Do you see yourself being able to consistently bring in sales and recruit new team members?

If so, then great! You probably don't need this course.

But if you don't foresee that happening...

Get This Course

And start generating consistent sales and recruiting new reps each and every month!

If you've been struggling, and you want something to change in your business, then this course can be the golden ticket you've been looking for!

5-Day Email Treasure Hunt Course

Get everything you need to start running Email Treasure Hunts Today!



  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to support via email
  • Copy & Paste Scripts
  • Complete step-by-step system for running Email Treasure Hunts

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I don't want you to have any hesitation about taking this step forward in your business and hitting your goals, so I'm offering you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Get this course, go through it, run a treasure hunt or two, and if you don't like it, then you can get a FULL refund! So there is nothing to lose!

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Michele Clarke

Treasure Hunter


BOOM!!!!! An email-only customer from 2016 tried my 5-day hunt and this is her reply to hosting.

"Hi! I think that sounds interesting. An email party! Let's try it."

This lady won't use Facebook, and never responded to my messages in the past!

Thank you for this [course]!

Lisa Duggin-Gatewood

Treasure Hunter

Even Busy Schedules Can Do This!

This training is amazing. The format is wonderful. Even busy schedules can do this.

Laurie Young

Treasure Hunter

100% Positive Feedback!

I did a feedback survey at the end of mine this week and the feedback is 100% positive with 3 bookings out of six guests!

Charlene Steward

Wow this is an answer to prayer. I just had a great friend tell me she was getting off of social media and a few other family and friends not on social media. I haven't done any fb parties or style ups. I am a retired christian school educator and trying to scale down my activities and use my time better. This allows me to reach out in a personal manner and not have to schedule a time and place for all to come together. God bless you for your generosity.

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5-Day Email Treasure Hunt Course

Get everything you need to start running Email Treasure Hunts Today!



  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to support via email
  • Copy & Paste Scripts
  • Complete step-by-step system for running Email Treasure Hunts

Now is the time to buy...

Let me just bluntly say that this course is a steal by itself, not to mention all the bonuses that have been thrown in! The only reason the course is priced this low is because this is such a brand new strategy. 

I'm going to continue to add to this course, and I'm sure the price will increase as well. This is THE best time to buy, and THE best time to commit to your business, stop spinning your wheels, and start making consistent progress toward your biggest goals! So click the enroll button above to get started!

I can't wait to see you inside!