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Thanks for your interest in joining my multi-hostess Style Up! It's going to be super fun!

My next Style Up is Tuesday, January 22nd, 8:00 PM ET.

How does a Facebook Style Up work?

1. I run 3-4 multi-hostess Facebook Style Ups a year, inside a Facebook group that I and my daughter-in-love, Haley, manage together.

2. I (or Haley) would post one photo and a short video demonstration a day for 5-7 days beforehand to introduce the guests to Lilla Rose.

3. During the Style Up, there would be two door prizes given away, as well as a bingo game during the live portion, a video to explain the flexi and other Lilla Rose products, and how to find your correct flexi size, pics, etc.

4. My daughter-in-love, Haley Ramm,  would also go “Live” so that she could demonstrate the flexi in different easy-to-do hairstyles and answer any questions your guests may have. It would be more of a fun “Hairdo How-to” rather than a “Buy-from-me party”! 

5. You would have a special website Style Up link, where any orders through it would give you hostess credit, so even guests who cannot attend the party can still order from your party through that link.

I am including a rewards chart below.

Like I said, we're using a Facebook group for the LIVE party instead of an event. ​

You're looking to invite 40-80 (MAX 80!!), so check out your Facebook friends and decide who you want to include. You'll be getting a cheat sheet to make it simple.


So keep it PERSONAL – you CAN post pictures of the clips in your hair on YOUR wall and mention you're having a party, with “let me know if you want an invite,” (Which yields pretty good results) but we need to strive to be un-spammy. 

You can also be mentioning it to your friends that you see and talk up the clips.

So here is a sample message you can send, and feel free to make it personal for you and your style and language. 🙂

Sample Message to Send Friends & Family

Put it in your own words!

Hello! I have agreed to host a Lilla Rose Style-up on ​Tuesday, January 22nd, 8:00 PM ET.

They have unique flexi clips that are fast, easy and beautiful and will work in ALL types and lengths of hair. And I thought you might really like them!

The style-up is all inside a  Facebook group and there are multiple ways you can win some amazing free stuff!

Would you like to be added to the group?

And as I said before you can post a picture of a hairstyle you love with a flexi, or your favorite Lilla Rose product and mention you are having a party with a 'let me know if you want an invite'.

Basically, the more involved you are the better the results. I'll be sending you more the closer the party gets!

Can't wait!

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