Do You REALLY Have To Use The Phone To Have Success In Direct Sales?

You've heard it before.

"You have to make phone calls if you want to be successful in network marketing!"

There's just one problem...

You're kinda terrified of the phone.

You're an introvert, and as an introvert, making a phone call is no simple task.

So what does this mean? You can't be successful in network marketing?

Not at all.

What if I told you that...

You don’t have to make phone calls to run a successful business

With the business world frequently telling you to call, call, call, leaving the phone in its cradle probably seems unwise.

And yet, not only is it possible to run a successful business without making a bunch of phone calls, but making phone calls could potentially be doing more harm than good.

Phone calls can annoy...

A ringing phone interrupts busy, harried moms in the middle of changing a diaper, teaching math, or preparing a meal.

What greater frustration is there than to have finally gotten your baby down for a nap only to have the ringing phone wake them up?

Our ringing phone was driving me crazy to the point where we finally had to turn our ringer off.

Eventually, we got rid of our land-line entirely.

Phone calls can be annoying, and for some of your customers, they may start to regret their purchase if they begin receiving unsolicited phone calls from you.

Phone calls are almost like cutting in line.

It's perfectly fine to schedule a time when both you and the other person are free to talk.

But for me to call someone when they are working on other, most likely more important priorities, or with other people...

Is like saying that I and my needs are more important than whatever they may be doing at the time, or the people they are with.

For those who find making phone calls is no big deal, you have to understand that for other people, it is a big deal.

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If you do need to call someone, consider emailing them first, to see when a good time would be for them to talk.

Phone calls can harm the family

Almost every call I've been on with ladies, at least once they had to yell at their kids to be quiet so they can talk…

I do not want to be the cause of that, or contribute to the break-down of their family.

I don’t want to cause anyone more stress or anxiety by calling them, or interrupt anyone’s schedule by demanding they talk to me.

Additionally, I don’t want my own kids to see me constantly on the phone, not available to them.

I don’t want my kids to frequently get the message that the phone is more important to me than they are.

If I’m on the phone all day calling customers and consultants, I would be unavailable for them most of the time.

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Understanding introverts

For the introvert, the thought of calling someone is terrifying.

For the extrovert, it is nothing to pick up the phone and call.

To an introvert, one phone call could take hours of deliberation, writing out what to say, procrastinating, and sleepless nights thinking/dreading it.

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That’s not to say that exercising their "calling muscle" would not be good for introverts, it would be, just don’t pressure them to do it, or make introverts feel guilty if they can’t.

They will do it on their own time, if necessary.

3 Benefits of email:

If you don’t make phone calls, what do you do instead?

Well, a little over two decades ago, something known as Electronic Mail, or “Email” was invented.

This magical tool can do many things!



Unlike the telephone, email allows you the luxury to communicate when you are ready, and at the most suitable time.

You are not interrupted, and you are not interrupting others. They also have the ability to reply when they are able, not at inconvenient times.



With email, you can take your time and make sure you say exactly what you want to say.

During a phone call, it’s easy to forget what you wanted to say, to say something incorrectly, or to simply be misheard as the other person tries to listen to your crackly voice with loud noises in the background.



Email allows you the ability to look back at past conversations.

Forgot what you said to someone, or what they said to you?

No problem! Simply pull up your email and there you have it!

As David Allen says in his book, Getting Things Done, when it comes to communicating with someone...

david allen use email


The least preferable option would be to interrupt what both you and the person are doing to talk about the item."

This is immediate, but it hampers workflow for both of you and has the same downside as voice-mail: no written record. 

Generally speaking, email is the most effective way to communicate in business.

Everyone is different:

Some methods of selling are not for everyone.

Likewise, phone calls are not for everyone. Some love them, while others are less than enthused, to say the least.

Of course, there will be exceptions.

There are times when a phone call is necessary, like when you need to be able to easily talk something through, or in times when a phone call would mean a lot to someone.

With those exceptions noted, you don’t need to make phone calls.

In fact, I built my entire team of 7,000+ reps without using the phone.

There are multiple ways to run a business. If making phone calls is not your style, that’s okay! You can be successful without having to make dialing numbers a routine.

Does this mean phone calls are bad?

Not at all!

In fact, depending on your personality and your target market, phone calls can be very good.

I'm just saying they aren't necessary.

I built a team of over 7,000 reps and earned a full-time income all while making only a handful of phone calls.

I used a method that resulted in people reaching out to me saying they wanted to join my team. That's right! THEY were reaching out to ME!

In fact, even if you do decide to make phone calls...

How would you like it if you had people calling YOU asking about your business or product, rather than you having to go out and cold call a cold market?

Well you can. It's how I built my business, and it's all possible through the method known as "Influencer Marketing".

If you'd like to know more about how you can get influencer marketing to work for your business...

Then I highly recommend grab my free quick-start guide.

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Never leave your home or children ever again!

This will be especially beneficial if you never want to do another 3-way-call, or try to close a prospect over the phone again!

I hope you found this post on how I, Do You REALLY Have To Use The Phone To Have Success In Direct Sales, helpful!

Please feel free to share if you got value, and let me know in the comments below...

Do you like using the phone to build your business? Or do you hate it?

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do you really have to use the phone to have success in direct sales?
do you really have to use the phone to have success in direct sales?


paula ramm

Hi, I'm Paula Ramm

I’m a homeschooling mom of 7 (and grandma of 4!), living in the sunny state of Florida. I’ve been in direct sales for over 9 years and have been blessed with a multi-million dollar revenue-generating team of over 7,000 amazing consultants.

I love to help other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

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