How To Passively Recruit More High Quality Team Members Online [3 Simple Steps]

Imagine having people coming to you ASKING to join your team.

Is the thought of this totally blowing your mind?...

passively recruit new reps into your direct sales business

You just blew my mind!


You may be thinking...

"No bringing up the opportunity to the mom sitting next to me at gymnastics class? 

No friending strangers on Facebook so I can message them about my business?

No making my friends and family feel obligated to join me since they're my--well-- friends and family? 

No feeling like I am annoying people or interrupting their day??!

Is this real life?"

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I was able to stumble upon this strategy by accident several years ago, and used it to build a team of more than 6,000 reps…

Without even trying to recruit.  

When I started out, I never had ANY intention of building a team.

Tired of prospecting, whether it be online or offline? Wouldn't it be nice if you ONLY spoke to the people who were on the verge of joining so you could leave rejection behind? Better yet, what if they reached out to YOU? Click and learn how to passively recruit new high-quality reps into your direct sales business.

I was just in love with the product, and wanted to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

I knew if I loved it so much, then surely others would as well!

So I set out to sell the product, and utilized a rather unconventional (and introvert-friendly) method.

And it was after using this method that I began to have people reaching out to me, asking if they could join my team!

I was quite shocked the first time it happened!

And to be honest, my initial thought was, "Why is she asking? I am planning on keeping the entire internet to  myself!" lol...

Apparently, I did not understand the incredible power of network marketing and team-building yet...

So what was this method?

Influencer Marketing.

I’ll show you how you can get the same results in this post.

Or, if you prefer video, watch below. 

Ready to get started passively recruiting? Grab my free guide. 

Step 1: Leverage Influencers

passively recruit new reps into your direct sales business with influencer marketing

Influencer: a person who has the power to influence many people,  through social media or traditional media

A lot of trainers will tell you to prospect on social media, or try and get as many “bookings” for parties as you can.

And that can work…

But it can also take a lot of time, and you have to wade through a sea of rejection in the process.

And while parties may allow you to tap into the warm markets of others, these are still typically on the small side.

On top of that…

How “warm” is someone’s warm market, really?

I’m sure you have a lot of friends and family who have no interest in your company’s product.

But what if you could set-up a home meeting with someone who had tens of thousands of loyal people in their warm market who TRUSTED everything they said?

And what if every single one of those tens of thousands of individuals was also an ideal candidate for your product?

To make this hypothetical scenario even sweeter, what if you didn’t have to even leave your house to attend this party?...

Well, this scenario ISN’T hypothetical at all! It’s real, it’s called Influencer Marketing, and it’s how I grew my business.

There are essentially 2 steps leveraging influencers:

Find the RIGHT Influencers

Not just any person with a large following will do. 

You want their audience to be comprised of the people who are most likely to buy your product.

Well how do you know if they will be likely to buy or not?

The key is to research the people who are ALREADY buying the product, or who are already reps.

What do they all have in common? What trends can you identify?

Once you have some trends, look for influencers who cater to those trends, and who have a large audience of people who have the same interests.

Now you’re  ready to contact the influencer.

Contact the Influencer

Next, you want to contact the influencer.

See if they would be interested in running a review and giveaway on their blog, Instagram account, YouTube, etc...wherever they are the most active.

This might sound a little complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy.

If the influencer agrees, they will do all of the work of writing and setting up the post (or video.) 

Once the influencer agrees to collaborate, all you have to do is send them a sample of your product (ideally your most popular product), and then decide what you want to give away as part of the collaboration.

Including a giveaway is key in securing THE MOST amount of engagement and attention for a collaboration with an influencer.

Including a giveaway is key in securing THE MOST amount of engagement and attention for a collaboration with an influencer.

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You also want to be sure to capture the email address of EVERYONE who enters the giveaway, and you can do it by running your giveaway using Google Forms or King Sumo. (Pin this!)

And this leads us to the next step...

Step 2: Build an email list

After you capture those emails, you want put them into your email service provider, like ConvertKit.

This will allow you to follow-up with them, and build a relationship.

By consistently following-up, you stay in the forefront of your prospect’s mind.

It drives me crazy when direct sellers tell me “Email doesn’t work!”

I’m sorry, but, like they say where I’m from…

“Y’all are crazy!”

(OK, people don’t actually say that where I’m from, but such a sentiment is still crazy.)

Now, ineffective email marketing is, of course, ineffective.

But done right, email is your most powerful tool.

Done right, email is your most powerful tool.

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In fact, just the other day, I got new order from a customer who bought once in 2011, and once in 2012, but never again...that is until just now…

From an email.

Most people probably won’t buy right away from the review and giveaway, but by following up through email, you can generate more purchases down the road.

Now you may be wondering…

“What does this have to do with helping me to passively recruit?”

Great question! I’ll tell you…

When you get more customers, and more people falling in love with your product, they’re going to start to get the idea that they could sell it, too!

In fact, that’s how I joined my company.

No one pitched me an opportunity. I just loved the product, and I knew others would too, so I signed up! It seemed like a no-brainer to me!

And since you’ve been consistently building that relationship with your customers through email...

They are going to reach out to you, ASKING to join your team when they’re ready. 

However, you don’t just have to leave this up to chance.

Even though most of my team members joined this way...

I found out later that many of my customers had no idea it was a direct sales company, and would have enrolled sooner had they known! 

And some, (eek!) enrolled with other consultants who actually TOLD them about the opportunity! )

But, no need to shove it down their throats!

In your emails, you can include subtle messages inviting your readers to reach out to you if they’re interested in working with you.

No selling, no arm twisting, no hypey-ground-floor-pitching…

Just an invitation.

And you might think that this wouldn’t work, but if you’re emailing correctly, and building up a real relationship, it can be very powerful.

And on top of that, you now only have to talk to the people MOST LIKELY to join since, after all, they reached out to you!

But just sending any old emails won’t do.

And just sending “BUY MY STUFF” emails can actually do more harm than good.

Rather, you want to send VALUE to your list…

Step 3: Establish yourself as an authority by providing value

passively recruit

No, not like you're above everyone else. You're just that person a couple steps ahead who can help others.

You need to research and figure out what other kinds of content your audience would like to receive, and then email it to them!

And when you start teaching by sharing tips to help people with their biggest struggles, you establish yourself as an authority.

Why do you want to be an authority?

People want to join and follow those they know, like, and trust.

When you become an authority, you build up that know-like-trust factor.

Think about it…

Have you ever had a potential new team member sign up with someone else in your company?

If so, it’s probably because they knew that other person better...

Or that other person was more of an authority, and believed their chances of success were higher with that individual.

Once you establish yourself as an authority by teaching, others are going to want to jump on your bandwagon.

They will trust that you are their best ticket for success.

A word of warning…

That said, you don’t want to pretend to be an authority.

So you want to teach on a subject that you are passionate about and have knowledge in.

But what if you’re not an expert?

That’s not a problem at all, so don’t let this be an excuse!

You have two options (which could really be combined into one option). 

Option 1: Be A Tour Guide

When you take the tour guide role, you’re simply pointing your audience to the people who ARE experts.

You take expert information and distill or translate it into a more consumable format for your audience.

This is extremely valuable.

We are flooded with a plethora of information every day, and a lot is hard to interpret.

If you can take that information, translate it, and then let your audience know what they should DO with that information…

You then become the valuable mentor, guide, and authority.

Option 2: Become The Expert

Do the research that others aren’t willing to do.

Learn and BECOME an actual expert.

Invest in your education, and fill yourself with value so you have more to give to others.

I say Option 1 and 2 should really be one option because you shouldn’t settle for being the tour guide forever.

It’s great for starting out, but while you’re guiding people, you should also be learning, investing, and becoming that expert yourself.

That way, you’ll have more to give to your audience.

Once you’re seen as an authority, you’re going to attract people to you, and they’re going to see you as their ticket to reaching their goals.

From there, you simply have to point them in the direction you believe will best help them reach their goals.

And as you probably already know, building a successful direct sales business is one of the best ways to achieve ANY goal or dream one might have.

With the time and financial freedom direct sales affords, whole new worlds become available!

Of course, I’m just preaching to the choir now. 

To recap…

If you want to passively recruit more high quality team members, you will want to…

  • 1
    Leverage Influencers
  • 2
    Build an Email ​List
  • 3
    Establish yourself as an authority by providing value

Since I know you are an astute individual...

(You must be to be reading this post.)

Then I know you will have correctly deduced that the trigger to this entire process of passive recruiting is leveraging influencers.

Influencer marketing was the catalyst that set off this entire chain-reaction of events for me, and I know it can  for you, too. 

The reality is, for most of us, reaching out to people one at a time, especially those who don’t know us, is a long and fruitless road.

Influencer marketing certainly isn’t easy, but is definitely much more duplicatable, and anyone can get results with it if they put in the work.

By leveraging influencers...

You can begin to fill your pipeline with high-quality prospects who are brimming with team member potential energy.

If you’re ready to dive in, but want some help getting started, then grab my free Influencer Marketing Quickstart Guide.

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll get my complete influencer marketing roadmap so you can get started today!

These are the exact steps I took and have used to build my team of more than 6,000 reps, and grow a 6-figure income in just 4 years.

Grab it here: Influencer Marketing Quickstart Guide

Influencer Marketing Quickstart Guide

How You Can Get HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL Leaders to Gladly Promote Your Direct Sales Products to Their Online Followers!

Never leave your home or children ever again!

Influencer Marketing Quickstart Guide

How You Can Get HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL Leaders to Gladly Promote Your Direct Sales Products to Their Online Followers!

Never leave your home or children ever again!

This will be especially beneficial if you're tired of pitching your business opportunity to everyone you know (or don't know). 

I hope you found this post on, How To Passively Recruit More High Quality Team Members Online, helpful! If I can do it, so can you!

Please feel free to share if you got value, and let me know in the comments below...

How have you been trying to recruit new team members?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Paula Ramm

I’m a homeschooling mom of 7 (and grandma of 4!), living in the sunny state of Florida.

I’ve been in direct sales for 10 years and have been blessed with  a multi-million dollar revenue-generating team of 8,000 amazing consultants.

I love to help other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

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