How To Get Influencers To Promote Your Product For You

How would you love to ten times your business by getting other people to promote your products for you?

And not just ANY old people...

I'm talking big INFLUENTIAL leaders.

Imagine the amount of new leads, sales, and team members you could get instantly if someone who had a following of thousands or tens of thousands recommended your product to their loyal fans!

If this sounds good to you, then check out my video below, or keep reading...

Never Leave Home Again To Grow Your Business...

This strategy of getting influential leaders to promote your products for you is called "Influencer Marketing," and it's how I grew my business when I got into network marketing back in 2010...

And it's how I STILL grow my business to this day!

I am NOT the type of person who wants to bug my friends or family and asking them to buy my stuff or join my team. I didn't want to be that person.

I didn't want to go out and leave my family by doing home parties or vendor events, either. 

Instead, I decided to go online and contact influencers, specifically bloggers, and send them my company's product to review and recommend to their followers. 

And that's just what I did!

I sent my product to one of my favorite bloggers,  she promoted it to her readers, and we did a "review and giveaway".

I wasn't sure if I would make any money at all, but low and behold, it actually generated sales and I made a profit! This showed me that this method works! 

It was actually possible for me, someone with a small circle of friends and family that she'd rather not promote to...

Who didn't want anyone to buy out of obligation...

To actually build a successful business, selling to people who actually LOVE the product, all without leaving home, or having to learn the complicated and ever-changing algorithms of social media. 

I know have nearly 8,000 people on my team, and it's all thanks to influencer marketing!

Why This Works...

Free Online Marketing Quickstart Guide

Discover how to get hundreds of leads for your network marketing business, increase sales and grow your team online without social media, Facebook parties, messaging strangers, or bugging friends and family.

Influencers, whether they're bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, or something else,  have built up a massive following of people who know, like, and trust them. 

An influencer is like someone who is everybody's best friend, the trendsetter whom everyone trusts and goes to for tips and recommendations. 

If she says, "buy this thing," then her friends go and buy it.

That's an influencer, only magnified by several magnitudes. Instead of having maybe a couple dozen, or maybe even a hundred friends who trust her and buy based on her recommendations...

An influencer can have thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or more, followers who trust her!

Can you imagine if someone with thousands of followers tried your product and gushed about it to all those fans? Think of the sales you could get. Think of the team members you could get! 

Grow Your Business Without Bugging Or Pressuring Others

Influencer collaborations can literally explode your business overnight! It's a brilliant way to grow your business a in a no-pressure way, where only people who love your product will buy. 

In fact, you won't have to do any selling whatsoever! The influencer does that all for you.

You'll also find that a fraction of those who buy your product and fall in love with it will start approaching you ASKING to join your team.

They will see how easy it was for to sell them using influencers that it will be a no-brainer for them to want to sell it themselves. 

Ready To Explode Your Business By harnessing The Power Of Influencers?

If you want to get started with Influencer Marketing, I put together a free blueprint for you. 

You can grab it by clicking below. 

You'll learn how to find the right influencers to collaborate with, as well as the best way to collaborate to maximize your leads, sales, and new team members generated. 

Grab the guide below and get started today! 

Free Online Marketing Quickstart Guide

Discover how to get hundreds of leads for your network marketing business, increase sales and grow your team online without social media, Facebook parties, messaging strangers, or bugging friends and family.

This will be especially beneficial if you never want to do another vendor show or home party ever again!

I hope you found this post on, How To Get Influencers To Promote Your Products For you, helpful!

Please feel free to share if you got value, and let me know in the comments below...

What other questions do you have about Influencer Marketing?

Have a beautiful day!

Paula has been in direct sales since 2010 and has been blessed with an awesome team that has enrolled over 10,000 consultants and generated over 33 million in revenue.

She loves helping other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

Paula is also a homeschooling mom of 7 and a grandma of 6, living in the sunny state of Florida where she enjoys growing pineapples and coconuts. 

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