How To Recruit Influencers To Join Your Team

Can you imagine what it would be like to consistently recruit influencers to join your team? 

An influencer joining your team can instantly sky-rocket your residual income because they tend to be able to easily sell and recruit because of their large, loyal, followings. 

However, recruiting influencers can be a bit counter-intuitive...

How To Recruit Influencers

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DON'T Prospect!

Here's the thing with Influencers...

They get a TON of inquiries, emails, and messages from people asking them for stuff. 

If you just reach out to them and ask them to join your team out of the blue (which is a pretty big investment), it's not going to go well. 

Most likely, you'll hear crickets because you'll get lost in the noise. 

To recruit influencers, do NOT prospect them!

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Well if you don't ask them to join your team, then how in the world do you get them to sign up? 


Instead of prospecting, you want to offer to collaborate. 

This is a much smaller investment for an influencer to make, and it may even be a regular part of their business model. 

And the best way to collaborate is to run what I call an "R&G" or "Review & Giveaway" with them. 

If you want to learn more about running R&Gs, then just read my post below...

But in short, a review & giveaway is where you send a sample of your product to an influencer, they try it out, love it, and then gush about it to their audience. 

Included in their gushing review is a giveaway where her audience can opt-in with their email to potentially win the same sample (or more) that you gave the influencer. 

Once the influencer tries your product and loves it, they're going to be one step closer to wanting to join your team. 

And then, once they see how well the giveaway does, and how much their own followers love the product...

It's going to be a no-brainer for them to want to join your team so they can sell the product themselves. 

In fact,  seeing such results is so powerful, I sometimes have to cross my fingers and hope that some of my best influencers DON'T join my team, because I need them to generate new customers and sales.

But this is a good problem to have! 

Yes, it's that easy!

I know it sounds crazy, but there really isn't anything more you need to do to recruit influencers if you are already collaborating with them.

If you have collaborated with the same influencer several times and they still haven't joined your team on their own, it's okay to casually ask them, 

"Hey, have you ever thought about selling [insert your product] yourself?"

Since you will already have built a relationship with the influencer at that point, it won't come across as salesy, or disappear with all the noise. 

However, I will say that the few times I have directly asked an influencer if they wanted to join my team, they didn't. 

So most likely, if they haven't already joined after seeing all the amazing results, they probably just aren't interested, which is totally fine!

You still have a great source to generate sales and other team members from, and you want to keep that going!

Just keep finding new influencers to collaborate with and you'll start getting influencers joining your team!

Ready To Collaborate With Influencers?

Influencer marketing, or collaborating with influencers, is one of the best ways to grow ANY business, no matter what you sell or what stage you're at...

And it's absolutely PERFECT for those in network marketing or direct sales.

In fact, it's the ONE strategy I used to grow a team of over 7,000 amazing team members, and rapidly become one of the top earners in my company!

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I hope you found this post on, How To Recruit Influencers To Join Your Team, helpful!

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Have a beautiful day!

Paula has been in direct sales since 2010 and has been blessed with an awesome team that has enrolled over 10,000 consultants and generated over 33 million in revenue.

She loves helping other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

Paula is also a homeschooling mom of 7 and a grandma of 6, living in the sunny state of Florida where she enjoys growing pineapples and coconuts. 

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