Exciting New Opportunity with Q Sciences

We recently embarked on a a new business opportunity with a company called Q Sciences that we are incredibly excited about and need to share with you.

Q Sciences is a health and wellness company like no other we've ever seen.  

Once you see how unique it is, I'm sure you'll agree.

Why Q Sciences?

Q Sciences Headquarters faith pillar

It all started with a friend of ours whom we trust.  

She knew that we weren't looking for another business opportunity, but she was having such a good experience with it that she just sent us a brief note saying, "Hey, you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at this opportunity."

So, because we trusted her, we said, "Absolutely, we'll be glad to take a look!"

All that involved was attending a 30-minute group meeting via ZOOM to listen to a presentation and ask questions.

 Q Sciences' Extraordinary Compensation Plan

The first thing that caught our attention and really intrigued us was the compensation plan. It was something that was very different than we had ever seen before; totally different.

The compensation plan has two parts:

1. Selling Product

The first part provides the opportunity to build a business oriented completely around selling high-quality health and wellness products. 

This was very important to us.

When it comes to building a successful network marketing business, we believe that having a focus on selling products that meet a need is essential and indispensable. 

Therefore, seeing a compensation plan that provided a structure for growth, rank advancement, and a progressive income scale for just selling products was crucial for us. 

2. Leverage: Building a Deep Organization

The second part of the compensation plan involved what most are looking for in a network marketing company and that is the ability to leverage the power of growing an organization.

a. Concentrated Structure

However, the particular structure of this second part of the compensation plan was very different, and it took us a little while to wrap our minds around it because it seemed too good to be true.

We were used to a uni-level compensation plans where everyone we personally brought into our organization established a new first-level line (often referred to as a leg) in our team.

As a result, uni-level plans naturally have a tendency to produce a widely distributed organization with many lines or legs.  We previously had over a hundred 1st level team members, so that meant that we had over a hundred legs!

b. Infinite Levels Deep

By stark contrast, this compensation plan starts with no more than two legs, until your business grows to the point where a 3rd leg is added.  But three is the maximum.

The result is that you're growing a deep organization.

c. Placement Required

This means, when I bring people into my team, the first two people establish my two legs and then the third person through the thousandth person that I add have to be placed under those first two people.

And then once you get a certain level, then you do get a third leg.

When you're initially getting going until you advance far enough, you just have two legs to worry about. So, there's a very good chance that other people you enroll will have people placed under them, volume placed under them that they earn off of.

You get to earn off of volume from people you didn't even enroll that your sponsor enrolled.

So, it's pretty incredible. This gives me a way to help my team members more than I could before. I can help them by actually placing people under them, giving them volume that they earn a commission off of.

I mean, how awesome is that?

And you don't lose anything by placing people. 

d. Purely Volume-based

Furthermore, since all of your upline is all purely volume-based, your upline 100 levels up is earning off of your volume, which means everyone, no matter where they are in your upline, they all have a vested interest in seeing you succeed because it helps them no matter how far down in the organizational tree you are! 

You know, in a traditional unilevel plan, you kind of stop earning after the fourth level or, if you're very fortunate, the 10th level.

But this compensation plan goes infinite levels deep. 

e. Earn 10-16% on Organizational Volume

Another aspect of this compensation plan that was really exciting to me was that when I ran the numbers, I realized that you are basically earning between 10 and 16% off of your entire downline group volume.

10 to 16%, that is huge.

That's way more than the traditional unilevel, which might be 10% or 3% or 2%, right? That's very high, especially if you don't even have to get all that volume yourself.

So that was exciting.

f. Promotions Based on Group Volume Alone

The other remarkable thing about this compensation plan is how promotions are achieved. 

First of all, you can get a promotion on customer orders alone.  That is a totally new idea to us.

But also, when you are growing an organization and bringing people into the business, your promotions are based on your group volume alone.

So, you are not dependent on all these people in your downline making promotions and achieving ranks for you to make your rank.

So, you know, what other people do is kind of out of your control, right? So it's exciting that you're not having to push people to make a promotion for you to make your promotion.

That is what gives MLM a kind of icky feel because, you know, I'm just going to help you because it helps me, right? So it's exciting because it's just purely volume-based.

g. Potential to make double the income of other comp plans on the same amount of volume

Many leaders have moved from other MLM companies to Q Sciences because once they plugged the numbers in, they realized that they could be making double the income on the same amount of volume.

When we tried it, we realized it was true for us as well.

I challenge you to try it yourself...take your existing average monthly volume in your current company and plug it into the Q comp plan, and you will see what I mean.

So this is a way you could actually make a better income, a more serious income, faster than with other compensation plans.

Q Sciences' Remarkable Products that Actually WORK!

Q Sciences mug headquarters utah

While the compensation plan was the first thing caught our attention, what would make or break the opportunity for us was the products.

It's just not in us to be able to bring ourselves to promote a company or its business opportunity if we don't believe in the products. 

And when it comes to supplements and heath products, we've tried other products from other health and wellness companies and not really seen any results.

Well, with these products, right, we saw some pretty significant results right away.

And the first one was the sleep spray. And it worked!

And it wasn't just us who found the products worked...it was our adult children! 

All of our children are into health, fitness, strength-training, and nutrition, and so they were all very interested in trying and testing the products.

So much so that for the first package of samples we didn't get to really test them out ourselves because our children scooped them up first.

And basically, they said the products do what they say they do.

And they were excited about this opportunity. And that was also a new experience for us!

And our kids are tough critics. And in the past, right, the kind of products that we were involved with just didn't resonate with them. They didn't care about them.  They were never really personally interested.  So to see their interest and enthusiasm for these products was really encouraging.

To see that this is something that our whole family could get behind, right, and support one another, be mutually supporting with. So that was a very good and hopeful sign that we should go forward with this venture together.

We did get an additional supply of sample products to test out for ourselves, and we have experienced some really good results that we'd be glad to share with you if you'd like to know more.

To shop Q Sciences, click HERE.

Recruit Internationally

Q Sciences is a globally-expanding company giving you the ability to build your team around the world.

Countries the Q Sciences Opportunity is Currently Available

USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Czech Republic, and Ireland.

Q Sciences' Strong Support and Organizational Structure

Q Sciences marc wilson headquarters

After the compensation plan and the products themselves, the third thing, and this was really impressive to me, was the overall organization and operational support structure of the company.

The home office team that provides all of the statistical analysis and sales volume data and helps with giving you the information you need to be able to support your organization.

That was something that, in the past, I was on my own doing. I mean, that was really my job as Paula and I work together, right? I was the one that did all that. And so having that kind of support from the home office just was really impressive.

Also, a byproduct of what to us is a concentrated compensation plan is that it really promotes and cultivates an environment where your whole organization is working together. 

And so there are well-developed systems in place that you just plug into.

We're used to always trying to figure out on our own what exactly we can do that is working now, what's on the cutting edge, to help our team.

 But now we have access to a mature and well-developed system that's working, and we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

You can just take your own ideas and creativity and plug into that existing system.

And, you know, that is really kind of a relief to know you don't have to know everything and do everything yourself. 

And it gives you the confidence to know that anyone you bring into your organization is going to have a ton of resources and support that they can plug into.

Anybody can do it. Just plug into what the organization already has established. 

So, it's really very simple. Just like what we said at the beginning with what happened to us. Our friend who had a good experience just said, "Hey, you owe it to yourself to check this out." And that's all she had to do.

Q Sciences' Abundance of Resources

q Sciences jake spencer headquarters kim costa

The final piece that was new and surprising to us is that the company provides some other pretty incredible resources as well.

Financial Freedom Program (Free Financial Advisor!)

One that's really impressive is a financial freedom program designed to help individuals with a wholistic approach to becoming financially sound.

Upon joining the company, you are assigned a financial planner that you can work with to put together a financial plan to help you achieve your financial goals, whether it's to get out of debt, save for retirement, or to build wealth to create a legacy for your family.

We haven't taken advantage of the financial freedom program ourselves yet since we're just getting started, but we'll be able to report more on how that works out in the future.

Free Fitness App

The company also provides a free fitness app that many people rave about. And it is not just an app, but a program that gives you access to real fitness trainers through the app.  Real people. It's not just an app. 

How to join Q Sciences

QSciences headquarters utah

To schedule a call or Zoom meeting to learn more about joining Q Sciences, please Click the button below.

Or, enter your contact information in the form below to receive more information by email.

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