The Easiest Way To Get Started With Influencer Marketing: Email Treasure Hunts

Influencer Marketing has the power to absolutely revolutionize your business. 

Working with the RIGHT influencer can mean hundreds of leads, sales, and new team members in the span of week. 

Influencer Marketing enables you to...

It's how I built my business, and its power is why I talk about it so much!

For an in-depth description of how I traditionally work with influencers, you can check out this article on my site.

However, I've recently discovered a super-awesome, beginner-friendly method for working with influencers that is just amazing...

And it's absolutely brand new because I just discovered it!

So you will definitely want to jump on this before everyone else does, and I call it...

"The 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt" 

What Is An Email Treasure Hunt?

In a nutshell, an email treasure hunt is basically an email party...but taking it to the next level!

You could run a 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt with a regular hostess, or, upgrade it by working with an influencer.

Here's an overview for how it works...

How The 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt Works



Your Hostess (or influencer in this case) invites their friends/family (or email list) to sign up for the email treasure hunt.


Setting Sail

You receive the email of everyone who opts-in to the email treasure hunt, and you send them one email each day for five days.

Everyone who joins the treasure hunt is entered into a giveaway, but if they want to get more entries, they must complete each daily activity or "clue" as I call them.

I call them "clues" because everyone who completes EVERY clue also automatically earns a smaller prize.


Claiming The Treasure

On the 6th day, you send the winner announcement email, along with any special offers you or your company may be running. After that, all you have to do is follow up with your guests and influencer so they become life-long, loyal customers!

Why This Is Easy

Easy On The Influencer

What makes this THE easiest way to get started with influencer marketing is that it requires very minimal effort on the part of your influencer. 

All they have to do is send two emails to their list, emails which you can create templates for ahead of time which she can just copy and paste!

Since the influencer doesn't have to do very much, this increases your chances of influencers saying "yes" to collaborating!

Easy On You

This is also very easy on you, since all you have to do is send emails (again, which you can create once and then copy and paste) and then tally up the entries of your guests and ship out the prizes and rewards. 

To make this even easier on you, I put together a step-by-step course on how to implement this strategy!

The best part? It includes all the emails you need to send, which you can simply copy and paste so you don't have to create them yourself!

Hostess Vs. Influencer

Like I said, this method is great even if you're not using an influencer. 

After evaluating our results from using this strategy with an influencer and a regular hostess, here is how the numbers break down...







New Leads



Email Open Rate



Email Click Rate



New Customers



Interested In Being a Hostess



Interested In Business Opportunity



New Team Members!



Total Retail




Working with an influencer will certainly get you more leads, sales, and new team members because you're simply working with greater numbers of people. That's what makes influencers awesome!

But notice, the quality of people invited by a hostess can be much greater because the hostess has an even stronger relationship with her guests than an influencer does, which is why the hostess had better engagement, and proportionally more sales per guest.

Regardless, the engagement from the influencer's audience was still super high, and the results were amazing!

How To Get Started

So what are you waiting for? Get started with influencer marketing by implementing the 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt, either with an influencer or a hostess!

If you want to know what you should include in each of the emails for the treasure hunt, then grab my Email Treasure Hunt course below!

Not only will it give you step-by-step instructions for what you need to do, but it also breaks down what you want to put in each email so that your guests are compelled to BUY at the end!

And even better? You get ALL of my email scripts so you can simply copy, paste, and personalize!

Get started now!

This will be especially beneficial if you never want to do another home or Facebook party ever again!

I hope you found this post on, The Easiest Way To Get Started With Influencer Marketing: Email Treasure Hunts, helpful!

Please feel free to share if you got value, and let me know in the comments below...

Are you going to try this? Comment "Yes!" or "no".


Paula has been in direct sales since 2010 and has been blessed with an awesome team that has enrolled over 10,000 consultants and generated over 33 million in revenue.

She loves helping other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

Paula is also a homeschooling mom of 7 and a grandma of 6, living in the sunny state of Florida where she enjoys growing pineapples and coconuts. 

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  • Do you have to pay to use google forms to create an opt-in page? How hard is it to create a opt-page to send to all hostess friends

    • Hello Sharon!

      Google Forms are free for personal use and they are very easy to use to create opt-in forms that your hostess can send to friends.

      I include a brief video tutorial for creating an opt-in form in my 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt course.

        • The concept of a Treasure Hunt and customer journey that my course teaches would easily translate from email to texting, but I think there would be a need to work on adapting the email scripts to make them suitable for texting.

          If you enrolled in the course, my team would be interested in collaborating with you to modify the existing scripts to create a texting version.

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