Top 10 Tips for Finding Great Influencers to Collaborate with

What if you could get Oprah to promote your products to her massive audience?

I know, that might sound a little far-fetched, but humor me for a moment. 

Picture her holding up your product to the camera and saying,

This is an amazing product that I use every day! So you should go to [insert your name here]'s website [your url] and try it for yourself. - Oprah

Do you think you might get a sale or two or ten thousand? 

Yeah, probably! 

In fact, the boost in sales the owners of the products she recommends is so substantial it has been dubbed "The Oprah Effect". 

Now, having Oprah endorse your business may be a long shot...

But you can get influencers with followings not quite as large as hers to endorse your products, and experience similar, although smaller in magnitude, results. 

This is called Influencer Marketing.  And it was key to my success in direct sales. 

And one of the best places to find ideal influencers to endorse your company's products on your behalf is blogs. 

Successful bloggers have been able to earn the loyalty of people who continually come back to their site to hear their views and opinions. When they recommend something to their audience, they listen! 

But before you can get these bloggers to endorse your products, you first have to find them. 

Below are my top 10 tips, and all strategies I used to find and leverage bloggers, which enabled me to explode my business!

top 10 tips for finding great influencers to collaborate with

1. Surf Blogs

Make it your new favorite hobby to be a blog surfer.

When reading a great blog post, click on all the links, guest posts, etc. that will lead you to new, related blogs.

Each blog is like a tree, and if you dig deep enough, you can find a whole network of roots stretching out, leading you to a huge stockpile of potential blogs to work with. 

2. Follow Whom Your Friends Follow

Check out who your friends follow.

You can find this out on their Facebook info page. You will find many gems this way.

Also, click on the articles that your friends post on Facebook...this is definitely a sign of good content, if their posts are being shared.

3. Check Out What Your Favorite blogs "like" on Facebook

If there is a blog you really like and follow, check out their "likes" on Facebook.

This will lead to other great, related blogs.

4. Get On Pinterest & Instagram

While pinning that awesome idea, click on the photo to find out what awesome blog was the source of it!

If it is producing pinnable content, it is definitely worth checking out.

It is also likely that they will pin your product pics when you advertise with them.

Instagram is also a great place to find influencers!

5. Google Your Interests

Do Google searches on your interests, be it cooking, home decorating, hair styling, green living, etc.

You will do better working with blogs you enjoy as well.

It may help to search on more specific areas of interest.

I searched on "How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent" once, and actually found a great many blog possibilities.

6. Click On Blog links on people's twitter pages

The number of Twitter followers is not necessarily a good indication of their true readership, so be sure to check out their actual blog page.

Check the followers of a favorite blogger, as well as whom the blogger follows, to find some possible great leads.

7. Social media Networking

Bloggers want to drive traffic to their blogs, so you can pretty much find them on any social media platform. 

Some of the best places to network are:

  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Messenger

And another cool network you can use to find blogs is StumbleUpon

8. Show Me The blog facts

When looking for a blog to advertise on, see how many followers, Facebook fans, etc. they have.

Also ask how many page views and/or unique visitors they have per month…the more the better. If it's too small, you may not get any sales at all.

You usually get what you pay for, so even if an ad or giveaway seems pricey, it will more likely pay off.

Compare the cost to the number of page views, etc.

I hesitate to recommend numbers, but to be effective, they should be in the range of:

  • 1
    70,000-600,000 page views a month
  • 2
    At least 2,000 Facebook fans
  • 3
    1,000-4,000 email subscribers.

This is just in general, because a lot depends on the blogger and the blog's giveaway participation.

I usually do a few smaller blogs a month to help out newer bloggers, those who have requested to do a giveaway for me, or for blogs I really enjoy and believe in that I'd like to support.

It's nice to be able to help them out, and it is likely they will grow in the future.

9. Check Interaction & History

Once you find a possibility, check to see how much interaction the blogger has with her fans.

You will want to find a blogger whose posts get lots of comments, and her fans trust her and see her as a friend.

Very importantly, check a blogger’s past giveaways, and see how many entrants there were.

If she doesn't get much participation, look elsewhere.

At least 100 entrants would be good; 400 or more would be even better.

Note: Some giveaways seem like they have a lot of participation because of the number of entries, but the actual number of people entering may not be that large, as some allow many entries per person, so be sure to check the approximate number of actual people entering.

An enthusiastic and/or helpful blogger can more than make up for lower page views or fans. If you find a good one, stick with her!

10. Experiment!

Experiment with different types of blogs (market research!)

The best kinds are usually the ones you enjoy the most, and that have good quality content, and not ones that are mostly for just giveaways.

If one doesn't work, try another!

I hope you’ll put these tips to work today! You should have no problem finding the perfect influencers to work with!

Have you started using Influencer Marketing yet to grow your business online?

Finding the right blogs to work with is just the step.

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I hope you found this post on, the top 10 ways to find blogs for your advertising, helpful! If I can do it, so can you!

Please feel free to share if you got value, and let me know in the comments below...

What other questions do you have about finding influencers to collaborate with?


Paula Ramm

I’m a homeschooling mom of 7, living in the sunny state of Florida. I’ve been in direct sales for over 7 years and managed to build a multi-million dollar revenue-generating team of over 6,000 amazing consultants.

I love to help other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

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