Don’t Get Out of Your Comfort Zone; Do This Instead

"You have to get out of your comfort zone to have success!!!"

You've probably heard your upline and MLM trainers repeat this line over and over again. 

And, by itself, there's nothing wrong with mantra that one should do activities that aren't comfortable. 

However, the phrase "get out of your comfort zone" usually comes as a means of persuasion to convince a rep that they have to get in line and follow one, and only one, way of growing their business. 

This might involve home parties, vendor shows, 3-way calls, the 5-foot rule, etc. 

Do you really have to get out of your comfort zone to grow your business? Do you really have to do all of these cringe-worthy activities to be successful?

No, You Don't Have To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Success

Yes, you're going to have to do difficult, uncomfortable work to grow your business...

But, NO!...

You shouldn't have to fundamentally go against how you're wired in order to have success.

Have you noticed that all of those old-school network marketing tactics (home parties, vendor events, 3-way calls, 5-foot rule, and so on), are all very much activities designed for extroverts?

If someone had told me that I had to do all of those things...

Strike that, if someone had told me I simply had to make PHONE CALLS to grow my business...

I totally would have panicked and never would have even started. 

Instead, Work Inside Your Zone of Genius

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, not everyone should build their business the same way. 

It's much better to spend your time maximizing your strengths rather than trying to improve your weaknesses.

It's much better to spend your time maximizing your strengths rather than trying to improve your weaknesses.

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When I got started in network marketing, I could have put all of my effort into getting over my fear of making phone calls, and tried to grow my business that way...

But I would have been miserable, my results would have been slim to none, and I probably would have given up.

Does this sound like you or someone on your team?

You/they are probably trying to grow their business using their weakness, rather than their strength. 

Instead, I grew my business in a way that I was comfortable with, using a strategy that maximized my strengths: Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing is where you get someone with a large, loyal, online following to promote your products for you. 

No selling, phone calls, or recruiting on my end! The Influencer did all of that for me! 

Comfort Zone Vs. Zone Of Genius

Do you have children?

Ever done a natural birth (i.e. sans medication to help with pain?)

The first time I did...let’s be was very hard.

And yet…

It was SO MUCH BETTER than the medicated experience!

Which doesn’t make sense at first glance...

How can the more painful experience be better?

Isn’t less pain always better? Not always!

After going through that experience, I got this feeling of complete and total empowerment!

Which meant a lot to someone like myself who never had a lot of self-esteem.

However, the fact that I was able to get through that experience made me think, “If I can do this, I can do anything!”

Going through difficult, painful experiences are some of the fastest ways to learn and grow.

Going through difficult, painful experiences are some of the fastest ways to learn and grow.

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Which is probably why you’ll hear a lot of trainers say to “Get out of your comfort zone.”

Again, the concept is solid, but I think it’s often misapplied.

Rather than just doing hard things, it seems a lot of trainers are demanding that people try and attempt things that aren’t consistent with who they are.

For example, they may tell everyone, even an introverted person, that they need to “get out of their comfort zone” and embrace home parties, phone calls, and other extroverted behaviors in order to have success.

But that’s less analogous to asking a woman to go through the experience of natural childbirth and more like asking a man to give birth!

A lot of people may try to do what these trainers say, but they’re struck feeling  fake, awkward, and like they’re trying to be someone they’re not.

As a result? They give up, unable to sustain that inauthentic life.

Sound familiar?

So where is the balance?

First off, you need to work within your strengths, be yourself, and not try and become someone you’re not.

But you don’t want to play small.

Take What You're Good At, And Go Big!

Set some huge, lofty goals that are a little scary, and go after them!

Create a goal that you’re not sure you can achieve, create a plan, and then go crush it your way, using your own unique abilities.

Once you achieve that one big thing, you’ll think, “If I can do that, I can do anything!”

And you’ll see your business explode because now everything is easier. Not because the work has gotten easier, but because you’ve gotten stronger.

What used to be too heavy for you is like nothing.

So now you may be thinking…

Where do I start? What big scary goal can I go after? ?

Finding A Strategy That fits You

You’ll have to determine this for yourself, but…

If you’re anything like me, an introvert, then this just may be reaching out to that one BIG influencer you’ve thought about contacting, but have been too afraid to.

Emailing them, contacting them, is your first step.

Once you reach out to that REALLY big influencer, the rest of your influencer marketing tasks will become so much easier.

You’ll think, “If I can contact them, I can contact anyone!”

So go contact that influencer, yes, you know the one, and ask them to collaborate…


Yes, today! You can do it!

It doesn’t matter if they say yes or not, or if they even respond. The key is to simply take action. To start moving down the right path and not stopping.

So go contact them, now if possible, but certainly before the day is over. Don’t let any excuses get in the way!

Then, leave a comment below this post on how it went!

Once you have contacted your influencer, you will have already made a huge leap in your business by breaking through that barrier of fear.

You'll be so energized, you'll probably go on to reach out to several more influencers!

I’m cheering you on!

But How Do I Find Great Influencers To Work With?

Great question!

If you want to get started right away with influencer marketing so you can exponentially grow your business, all without doing parties or bugging friends and family...

Then grab my free Influencer Marketing Quickstart Guide below!

Free Online Marketing Quickstart Guide

Discover how to get hundreds of leads for your network marketing business, increase sales and grow your team online without social media, Facebook parties, messaging strangers, or bugging friends and family.

This will be especially beneficial if you never want to prospect or leave home again to grow your business, and want to rapidly rank advance.

I hope you found this post, Don’t Get Out of Your Comfort Zone; Do This Instead, helpful!

Please feel free to share and pin if you got value. Thank you! ?

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Paula has been in direct sales since 2010 and has been blessed with an awesome team that has enrolled over 10,000 consultants and generated over 33 million in revenue.

She loves helping other ladies build their own thriving businesses from home, so they can spend more time with their families and be able to focus on the truly important things in life.

Paula is also a homeschooling mom of 7 and a grandma of 6, living in the sunny state of Florida where she enjoys growing pineapples and coconuts. 

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