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Quiet Marketing for Lilla Rose

5 Modules 6 Chapters 23 Lessons

About this course

This course is for any Lilla Rose Stylist who wants to learn how to grow their business in a way that does not require you to "put yourself out there" either in person or on social media. 

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Course Structure


Intro to Online Marketing 1 Lesson


How to get Lilla Rose orders using Email! 5 Lessons

Growing Your Email List 1 Lesson

New Lead (Have not yet purchased) Sequence Example 4 Lessons

New Lead Email 1 Example

Four our purposes here, new leads come from a Lead Magnet, as described in an earlier lesson. The first email in the sequence is tailored to the particular lead magnet and thanks the person for requesting whatever the lead magnet is. Then the rest of the emails in the sequence can be the same for any new lead sequence.

New Customer Sequence Example 2 Lessons

Example: New Customer Welcome Series - 1st Email

These are the two emails we have automatically sent to every new customer upon receiving their first order
3 Lessons

Collaborating With Influencers - The Fast Way to Get Leads

Influencer Marketing is the strategy I used to start and build my business. It is still the strategy I use to continue to grow my business. Influencer Marketing falls under the more general category of Online Marketing, so in the first couple of lessons I will provide an overview of Online Marketing and the most important place to start with Online Marketing before diving into the core subject of this course which is Influencer Marketing.
1 Lesson


8 Tips for using Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms! Why? It is image-based, which makes it great for so many businesses and products, especially if you have quality, eye-catching photos! (And I have made sales and enrolled 3 team members through it!) Lilla Rose is perfect for Pinterest, since it is so image-based! Your posts are also more easily seen by your followers.

How to Conquer the Quiet Marketing Challenge Checklist 6 Lessons

Traffic and Sources of Traffic

Checklist Task 1: Here are some of the ways you can generate leads in bunches!

Lead Magnets (how to grow your list of leads/email list)

Checklist Task 2: Ideas for providing something of value in exchange for contact information.

Take Action On One Source of Traffic

Checklist Task 3: Now that you've got the idea of the strategy behind driving traffic and converting that traffic to leads and customers, pick one of the sources of traffic and do something with it!

Get a Tool to Help You Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

Checklist Task 4: Pick a tool and learn it.

Communication Sequences to Convert Traffic to Leads and Customers

Checklist Task 5, 6 & 7: This lesson will help you complete the last 3 tasks on the Quiet Marketing Challenge Checklist!