Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Looking for some help shopping for that perfect gift for the ladies in your life? I've got you covered!

Here are 16 unique items that make GREAT gifts that your friends and family will love. 

This is my top pick for gift-giving this year, hands-down!

With my long, thick hair, I could find NOTHING that would work to hold it up, without breaking or popping out! I was amazed when I discovered the Flexi! Held all day, and super-comfortable with NO ponytail headache! It not only works in thick hair, but in baby-fine hair as well!

I challenge you to try'll wonder what you ever did before without it!

They make great gifts for friends, family, teachers, or yourself!

I first discovered Made On years ago, when my young daughter would get red, dry, horribly chapped hands every winter. NOTHING I tried helped, until I tried Bee Silk hard lotion! It was a miracle, so now I tell everyone I can about these amazing products.

All-natural skin care products, made in the USA by a small family business in California!

These are beautiful little pins that let you style your hair elegantly with ease. Just one or two can securely hold a French twist or messy bun all day!

They come in all kinds of gorgeous styles, and make excellent stocking stuffers, especially for teens!

So much more than just a pretty calendar, the Living Well Planner is an all-in-one resource designed to help you organize your whole life, not just your schedule.  

It was designed to help you take back your time, and to allow you to focus on your long-term goals while still navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of running your home.

From organizing your schedule and planning your days to managing your finances and crushing your goals, the Living Well Planner is the sanity saver you’ve been waiting for.

This is the planner I use! The bright colors and design make me HAPPY! 

These beautiful bobby pins make excellent gifts that will last for years. 

Why do I love them?

Unlike other bobbies, these won't break, and won't fall out, even in the finest, most slippery of hair!

Most makeup out there is basically just rubbing poison on your face. EWW!

Not the case with The All Natural Face. This is my favorite go-to place for mineral makeup. You won't find a better price on all natural makeup ANYWHERE!

Get some healthy, natural makeup for your friends and family! 

Absolutely beautiful, with the ability to be worn as a necklace as well!

I love these because they come with super-comfy adjustable elastic bands that don't dig into your head or slide off! Works for those who thought they could never wear hairbands!

Want to simplify your new year?

If you want fewer distractions and less on your plate, but while accomplishing more,  then you definitely want to grab this book to start the new year off right! One of my absolute favorite life-changing books!

Love these beautiful wooden hair sticks!

They make it super easy to put your hair up in just seconds! Totally cute gift idea!

Affordable jewelry that is also nickel and lead free!

Everything is just $5, so you can find some great stocking stuffers here.  I had no idea that beautiful jewelry could be so affordable!!!

Perfect gift for any lady on your list (LOVE this!):
Certified Organic Rose Water steam distilled Bulgarian rose petals create a lovely and delicate hydrosol spray. 2oz glass bottle.


  • Use as a hair tonic to hydrate and to smooth the hair cuticles
  • Use as a no-heat hair setting spray when combined with a Swerve, UPin, or other Lilla Rose haircessory
  • Use as a facial toner daily for dry, aging or irritated skin
  • check
    Mist on your pillow or in the air to relax and calm the mind
  • check
    Mist on the neck and body for a soft romantic scent Element

You know about dryer balls, but you probably haven't heard of WOOL, essential-oil-diffusing, dryer balls. 

These 100% organic, patent-pending  wool balls allow oil to be deposited directly into the center of the ball giving consistent, long-lasting oil diffusion into your laundry.  

Do multiple loads without reapplying oil! I have been using these  dryer balls for a couple weeks now, and LOVE the fresh natural orange scent they infuse in all my clean laundry!

Small, family-owned business in Ohio!

An amazing, one-of-a-kind hair accessory for those who prefer less bling in their hair,and are tired of stretched-out scrunchies. Super comfortable, holds all day, and can be almost invisible! Awesome for messy buns!

14. Tinkercrate Subscription

Okay, how about a gift idea for the kids?

Have a child who is interested in S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)? Then they will LOVE Tinkercrate. My son has had a Tinkercrate subscription for a year now, and LOVES it! He can't wait for each month's kit to arrive, then dives right in! 

Use the link below to get 60% off your first kit!

How it works:

  • 1
    Pick a Line. Tinkercrate offers projects for every age and interest!
  • 2
    Delivered Monthly. Choose your plan and the first crate ships in 2 days. Pause or cancel anytime.
  • 3
    Serious Fun! Their science and art projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.

Talk about some cute aprons! If you have any friends or family who love to cook, they will love one of these! There are styles for everyone...gals, guys, even matching mother/daughter aprons! These are each lovingly made by hand, and custom orders are welcome!

You could always use more vanilla extract, especially when it's homemade with love!

Not watered down, this vanilla is strong stuff, made only with alcohol and vanilla beans! It's so strong, in fact, you can use HALF the amount a recipe calls for. 

This will make your bottle go twice as far, making it a great deal for yourself, or as a gift. 

I hope you found this post on, The 16 Most Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Women, helpful!

Please feel free to share if you got value, and let me know in the comments below...

Which of these gift ideas are your favorite?


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