10 Best Direct Sales Companies to Join in 2023

Are you looking for the best direct sales companies to earn extra money this year? You probably already know that direct sales and network marketing are a great way to earn extra money from home, but why else should you join a direct sales company, and which ones are the best to join in 2024?

Why Join a Direct Sales company? 

  • Direct sales is flexible…you can work when you want, where you want, on your own time, in your own way!
  • You can sell in the way that fits you best, using your own strengths. That could be selling in person at home parties and craft shows and vendor events, or online through social media or online marketing. Really, the sky is the limit!
  • You can be your own boss, yet not be alone, as partnering with a direct sales company offers you training and support from others on the same journey.
  • You receive valuable business training from both the company, and from those in the trenches. Being part of a team means that you can learn from those who are experts in the area of selling that you are interested in.
  • You don’t have to invent, create, or make your own product. Direct sales companies already have quality products that are proven to sell. 
  • You have immediate brand recognition, which creates trust from potential customers.
  • You have a community of new friends and relationships.
  • You can receive recognition and rewards for your hard work!
  • You don’t have to mess with shipping or returns, as customers simply order off your replicated website, and the company ships for you! They also handle exchanges and returns, which also means a lot of the customer service issues are handled for you as well.
  • Direct sales are a very inexpensive way to start your own business. No where else can you start a business for the amount it costs to enroll with the typical direct sales company.
  • Direct sales companies offer multiple ways to earn money, from your own retail sales, to earning off a team. If you build a team, you can leverage your efforts and make much more than if you were just selling your own product yourself. This makes the earnings potential of direct sales so much greater! 
best direct sales companies to join

So, you are sold on direct sales, but now you are wondering what are the best direct sales companies to work for?

How do you sort through them all and find the one that is the best fit for you?

I think the best way to know what is the best direct sales company for you is to hear directly from ladies who are in direct sales companies that they love! Why do they love their company? What are the juicy details of being a consultant with their company? Are there any “catches”? And how do you join?

So, without further ado, here are the best direct sales companies to work for in 2021 and beyond, from direct sales reps themselves!

Best Direct Sales Companies for 2023


Hi! My name is Paula Ramm, and I’ve been with Lilla Rose for over 11 years and love it! I make a  full-time income and have been able to move our family to the sunshine state and retire my husband so that now we both work together, with the help of our kids!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect work-from-home business opportunity that comes with comprehensive step-by-step training and mentorship to help you become successful, look no further than Lilla Rose!

I was able to build my business entirely online from home, without being "salesy," bugging friends and family, or messaging strangers on social media.

If you are not a crazy introvert like me and like getting out and selling in person at craft shows and vendor events, then you can certainly do that as well!

We have a unique product that you cannot buy in stores, and has very little competition. (To learn more about the Lilla Rose hair clip, click HERE.)

We have many more hair accessories than just the amazing Flexi hair clip, like non-slip bobby pins, comfortable headbands that don’t hurt your head, U-Pins, hair sticks and more. We even have a brand new hair clip called the Sport that is a super-grip, non-slip hair clip that is perfect for working out or high ponytails that don’t need adjusted.

We also have consumables, like hair detangler, conditioning hair masques, rose water, hair mascara, sea salt spray and more, for those lucrative re-orders month after month.

Our compensation plan is one of the best in the industry. With a 30 -50% discount, you can do very well with just retail sales alone. Building a team is just icing on the cake.

 There are many ways to sell! Home parties, craft shows, vendor events, social media, and online marketing.

Check out my post on why Lilla Rose is one of the best products to sell at shows: Best Products to Sell at Farmer’s Markets, Craft Fairs & Vendor Events (Including my Personal Favorite!)

We are a no-pressure company and welcome both casual and full-time consultants as well as all selling styles and personalities.

We have a lot of freedom to be creative so we can have a business we love!

If you enroll with me, you will have access to my personal step-by-step training course and mentorship program to help make your new venture a success!

 To read more details about the Lilla Rose business opportunity, that includes a helpful in-depth FAQ about joining Lilla Rose, click on my page HERE.

 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever! I am here to help you!

Over 10,000 awesome ladies have joined my team over the years and built fun, flexible, no-pressure home businesses with Lilla Rose that they love, and you can be one of them! ?

Lilla Rose Products

Classic, elegant Hair Clips, Hair Forks, Barrettes, Hair Sticks, Headbands, Bobby Pins and other quality hair accessories and products. Click HERE to learn more.

Where to buy Lilla Rose 

Shop here: https://www.lillarose.biz/BeautifulLife/

Cost to Join Lilla Rose

$89 for the basic starter kit with over $300 of product! ($500 optional Fast Start add-on Kit with an additional $1,100 worth of product)

Countries the Lilla Rose Opportunity is Available


For more information on Lilla Rose


How to join Lilla Rose

Click the button below to start your Lilla Rose business now!

Thirty-One Gifts creates customizable handbags, accessories, travel duffles, thermals, home storage, & more. Choose your favorite style then personalize!


I love that Thirty-One Celebrates, Encourages & Rewards women and families. I love the on-the-go and at-home organizing solutions that they sell and they are stylish too! 

I first joined to have fun and to pay for my health insurance. I stay because of the amazing relationships that I have developed and am so grateful for the confidence that this business has given me.

Thirty-One Gifts Products

Customizable handbags, accessories, travel duffles, thermals, home storage, & more. 

Where to buy Thirty-One Gifts 

Shop Here: www.mythirtyone.com/teriperrott

Cost to Join Thirty-One Gifts

Kits are $59 for Basic, $99 for Signature and $179 for Goalgetter

Countries Thirty-One Opportunity is Available

USA & Canada, but US consultants can only recruit US citizens and Canadian the same.

For more information on Thirty-One Gifts

Totes by Teri Facebook Group

email: teriperrott@comcast.net

How to join Thirty-One Gifts

Click the button below to join Teri's Thirty-One team


I am so grateful for the Tupperware opportunity. I originally joined just for a discount on Tupperware product (which you can do too! You get 25% off everything you purchase for a year). Once I was in, Tupperware just started selling itself and I was able to build a business with it that allowed me to quit my full time, stressful, job and stay home with my two sons.

The Tupperware brand has been around for 75 years and everyone is familiar with it; most of us grew up with it. It has longevity, dependability, a high quality product, and one that people are actively looking for. I love this because I know Tupperware will continue to be around, is a reputable company, has a product people already love and they have a lifetime warranty and all products are BPA free.

I especially love that I don't have to teach my customers what the product is and convince them they love it to get purchases. People already love Tupperware and are actively looking for Tupperware Reps to help them!

Plus, you can join for as little as $15! It is so reasonable to give it a try.

Here is a video of me sharing what I love about Tupperware:

Tupperware Products

Innovative kitchen products

Where to buy Tupperware 

Shop Here: https://my.tupperware.com/elliejohnson/

Cost to Join Tupperware

$15 for the Virtual Kit (no Tupperware included);

$119 for the Deluxe Demo Kit that includes $370 in Tupperware product and business supplies

Countries the Tupperware Opportunity is Available


For more information on Tupperware

Totally Tupperware with Ellie Facebook group

or email Ellie at TotallyTupperwareWithEllie@Gmail.com

How to join Tupperware

Click the button below to start your Tupperware business now!


Amare Global is the only company focused on Mental Wellness with all natural, effective solutions.

The compensation plan is above and beyond anything out there. The company focuses on your whole being, not just your financial wellness. 

Amare Global Products

Amare Global’s flagship gut-brain axis nutrition system, the Amare FundaMentals Pack, won the prestigious 2018 NutrAward for Best New Finished Product.

Where to buy Amare Global 

Shop Here: https://amare.com/g10/50152

Cost to Join Amare Global


Countries the Amare Global Opportunity is Available


For more information on Amare Global

Kathy's Facebook group

or email Kathy at kathyjilldavis@gmail.com

How to join Amare Global

Click the button below

SEINT makeup Erika Fenimore artist
Erika Fenimore Seint artist


It was 4 years ago and I was super frustrated with my makeup routine. I was using powder and liquid foundation and it just didn’t look good anymore. I was ready to throw in the towel and stop wearing makeup all together… then I found SEINT makeup.  

From the day I became a SEINT artist my life has changed for the better. I gained a confidence I never knew I had. Putting myself out there with no makeup was never my thing but the more I did it, the more I liked it. I am part of a beautiful community of other SEINT artists that build each other up. We don’t compete with one another, we help one another succeed. We share and celebrate each other’s success and you don’t see that very often in other companies. My passion is aging gracefully and being comfortable in your own skin. I have been able to help so many women do the same and to me that is my true success! 

SEINT Products

SEINT is cream makeup which is perfect for mature skin. 

At SEINT, we believe that skin is beautiful. We believe that aging is beautiful. We believe that makeup should enhance your natural beauty! Our mission statement is: “Beauty connects us. It transcends time and knows no boundaries. Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves and the world around us is a sacred work. And that work—our work—is beautiful. We see beauty in every face. Our mission is to preserve and nurture it.

Everything we do and everything we create is based on what we believe in: That beauty matters. That helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing. Beauty is not our creation; Beauty is our passion.”

Where to buy SEINT

Shop Here: https://msha.ke/erikamarie72

Cost to Join SEINT

There is a back office fee of $12.95 USD/ $15.95 CAN. The only other fee is the cost of the kit. There are three kits to choose from: the Essential artist kit $99 USD/$139 CAN; the Basic artist kit $225 USD/ $315 CAN; OR the Pro artist kit $450 USD/ $630 CAN

Countries the SEINT Opportunity is Available

SEINT is available in the USA and Canada (except Quebec)

For more information on SEINT

I am on FacebookInstagram and TikTok @erikamarie72

or email Erika at Erikamarie72@aol.com

How to join SEINT

Click the button below


Mary & Martha strives to bring eternal hope and encouragement to every home through trendy home decor.

Mary and Martha is a direct sales division if Dayspring and Hallmark.

We encourage a strong inspired life through bible studies, journals and bibles. 

Mary & Martha Products

Our Founders: Over 2,000 years ago Mary & Martha served others in their home. In fact the best guest ever, Jesus, had dinner there more than once. Their story teaches having people in your home is not about entertaining, it’s about the people! Perfection is not the point. People are the point. Welcoming others is love in action! Join us as we bring hope and encouragement to many.

Imagine a faith-based company where you create your own schedule, share inspirational products, earn income, & engage in community—a sisterhood. The Mary & Martha sisterhood is a community of women across the nation that builds one another up in faith and business

Where to buy Mary & Martha 

Shop Here: Mymaryandmartha.com/adab

Cost to Join Mary & Martha

There are 2 great options to join. The Deluxe Business Kit has products from all different Mary & Martha collections, plus all your business supplies, so you have everything you need to get serious about your business. $159 ($500 value). 

The Social Selling Kit is designed for those who want to work their business online while bringing hope and encouragement to others. $59 ($175 value).

Countries the Mary & Martha Opportunity is Available


For more information on Mary & Martha

Join Ada's Inspired Community with Mary & Martha Facebook group

or email Ada at abontrager90@gmail.com

How to join Mary & Martha

Click the button below to join now!


I love the products, the company environment, and the ground-floor opportunity. The products are effective and affordable, Corporate support is amazing, and the growth potential is enormous.

Martha Petri

Karine Joncas Products

Where to buy Karine Joncas 

Shop Here: http://KarineJoncas.com/MarthaP

Cost to Join Karine Joncas

enrollment kits start at $19.99. Monthly website fee of $10

Countries the Karine Joncas Opportunity is Available


For more information on Karine Joncas

Martha's Facebook group

or email Martha at mlpetri@aol.com

How to join Karine Joncas

Click the button below to join now!


I love the quality of dōTERRA’s essential oils and other natural products for our family health. I joined to start a small business, and stayed because it’s so much fun and has impacted my health and that of my family in such a huge way. My team is incredibly supportive, and the company offers a compensation package that gives you total control over how fast and how big you want to grow. This is a legacy company that is changing the way essential oils are produced and sold, and their commitment to benefitting families on both sides of the bottle makes me proud to be a Wellness Advocate.

Susan Velazquez - DōTERRA Wellness Advocate

DōTERRA is a legacy company that is changing the way essential oils are produced and sold, and their commitment to benefit families on both sides of the bottle makes me proud to be a Wellness Advocate. 

DōTERRA Products

DōTERRA is the number one ranking company for essential oils, and they continue to raise the bar on the market.

Where to buy DōTERRA  

Shop Here: https://epiphanyeo.com/

Cost to Join DōTERRA 

$35 yearly membership fee and $25 thereafter; you choose your starter kit and customize to your needs and budget. A minimum monthly purchase is required to earn commissions as a Wellness Advocate, but there are no quotas or commitments.

Countries the DōTERRA  Opportunity is Available

Worldwide: US, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, India soon to come. 

For more information on DōTERRA 

Susan's Facebook group

or email Susan at Epiphanyeo@gmail.com

How to join DōTERRA 

Click the button below to join now!


Hello I'm Michele and I run a home daycare. Before the pandemic I was running crazily and barely had time to breathe!

When Covid struck I went from Funds in the account to $200 and then my friend told me about gelmoment. Well that changed everything. I grew a team and started sharing my beautiful nails with everyone. 

I love how I found my self worth in a bottle of gel polish. I love how easy it is to rank up. I love that our CEO listens to us and suggestions are turned into reality.

Michele Latin 

Gelmoment Products

Where to buy Gelmoment


Cost to Join Gelmoment


Countries the Gelmoment Opportunity is Available

Australia, United States, and Canada

For more information on Gelmoment 


How to join Gelmoment

Click the button below to join now!

There are a lot of factors that go into your decision of which network marketing company you should join. You need to evaluate things such as the quality, uniqueness and affordability of the products, the compensation plan, the company culture and trustworthiness, the selling policies, and more.

Also, every company is not for everyone; it has to be a good fit for YOU. So before making your final decision, click the button below to check out my video on how to choose the best network marketing company for you.

Thanks for reading this post on the 10 Best Direct Sales Companies! If you got value from this post and know of someone who could benefit from it, please share and pin! Thank you! ?

best direct sales companies for moms

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