Why You Should Start a Business with your Daughter

why you should start a mom & daughter business

Benefits of a Mom & Daughter Business

There are lots of benefits to starting a mother & daughter business.

1. Your daughter will learn business & financial skills.

You will be surprised at how much your daughter will learn through running her own business. There are so many business skills, from budgeting to marketing to goal-setting to be gained. She can also learn how to do taxes!

2. Your daughter will learn social and real-life skills

There is so much that can be learned through running your own business. Your daughter will learn people-skills, communication skills, customer service skills, time management, persistence and more!

"Elizabeth has learned entrepreneurship skills, communication skills, stickstick–to–itiveness, money handling, creative thinking, effective displays.... she created her own products to sell alongside our Lilla Rose collection and now has her own etsy shop and planning business ideas for the future. (She's 16 now, and started doing events with me about 10 years ago)"

Sue Ellen H. 

3. A home business can give you quality time together with your daughter

With today's fragmented families all going their different directions, a family business is a great way to spend time together and be united through working for a common goal. It can also create lots of opportunities for those heart-to-heart talks with your daughters that are so crucial during those 'tween and teen years.

"Leah and I enjoy the long talks on the way to events! We have uninterrupted time to talk about whatever is on her mind. She has also learned about merchandising, inventory control, customer service, profit loss, taxes ect."

Starla W. 

4. You and your daughter can earn extra income 

It is so rewarding to see your hard work pay off. What a great thing for your daughter to see her efforts translate to income!

5. Develops character and perseverance

Nothing develops character and perseverance more than running your own business!  

business idea for teens

6. A business is great for homeschoolers

Real-life experience is much better than classroom or textbook learning.

There really is no comparison to hands-on "doing" vs. "theory." With traditional classes, you learn enough to pass the test, then proceed to forget everything you learned. Also, many times the curriculum is not up-to date, especially with the latest online marketing and social media tactics that change so fast, and that businesses today rely on.

real-life hands-on experience vs classroom learning

What is better...an online homeschool course on entrepreneurship that teaches theory, or actually the experience of owning and running your own business?

Many online courses for homeschoolers cost up to $1000 or more per course, but you can get started with many home businesses for less than $100.

Your daughter will get a much better education at a fraction of the cost (and will get PAID for it!!!)

7. Running a home business is fun!

And finally, running a home business with your daughter is just plain fun! 

mother daughter business

"My takeaway is Morgan and I spent so much time together because of Lilla Rose in those formative teen years when teens are often avoiding their parents."

Ann B. 

sisters in business together

"My son started working with me when he was 7. He learned all about business and how to speak to people. At 15, he now has his own business and sets up his own booth at our craft shows."

Jana B. 

"I have loved using Lilla Rose as a tool to teach work ethic in all situations and business skills. We have used it as part of our homeschool curriculum to teach business strategies, business planning, networking, financial responsibility, customer care, personal interaction, data entry, inventory management, etc. My oldest 3 daughters have come with me to festivals and learned how to care about the people as well as the sale! Such a great opportunity for the children to work with me and see me in a different light other than “homeschool teacher” and Mom."

Amanda C. 

mother daughter business

"I love the time together and my kids have used it to do their own networking. My son LOVED helping me at my FBI shows. And made contacts he used for future career advice. They also learned people skills and taking to adults was never a challenge for them."

Christine T. 

family business ideas

"My daughter has been working with me at shows since I joined LR 5 years ago. She started out just helping to greet people and hand out information, but quickly moved on to helping people shop, find the right size, and now fully completing sales without assistance. We enjoy doing shows together as it gives us good girl time as well as learning business and life lessons. That one-on-one girl time may be coming to an end as one of my sons has decided he would like to start going with us and helping"

Chelsea B. 

"My daughter learned how to come out of her shell, talk to people more freely with confidence, how to organize, count and track stock. She learned how to count cash, balance books, and find the profit margin. She also learned how to invest, save, and trust the capitalism model of government so everyone can work and get paid but business owners keep the machine running. She learned customer care and follow up. The most important thing she learned was how to serve others first and foremost in your business. I think it was her favorite high school class."

Sherril W. 

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why your teen or tween should start a business

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