Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

We're so excited to have you, and we want you to be able to get the most out of this as possible! So, we've put together this page to give a few ideas on how to get started with promoting your affiliate offer. 

Promotion Ideas

  • Add details about The Influencer Discovery Formula, along with your affiliate link, to any pages or posts you have on your blog about how to grow a network marketing business without leaving home.
  • Add The Influencer Discovery Formula to your Resources page on your blog as your recommended strategy for growing a network marketing business online.
  • Write a review of the The Influencer Discovery Formula on your blog and include your link. 
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    Shoot a Facebook Live video talking about why you love The Influencer Discovery Formula, and what results it's helped you get, and include your link in the description. 
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    Upload that same video to YouTube, and include your link in the description. 
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    Share about the product in your team Facebook Group
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    Email your list about how amazing this course is, and how it's helped you (if your email list is interested in business). 
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    Make your own unique offer.  Create your own bonuses, like a free coaching call, if someone buys. This will really help set you apart as an affiliate, and establish you as an authority. 
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    Have your own ideas on how to promote this course? Share below!

Also, if you do any of these suggestions, feel free to share a link in the comments below! We'd love to use it as an example for other and future affiliates. Thanks! Now go crush it! 


~ Paula Ramm